Senior Advisor

Mark Carbeau

Healthcare Executive, Product Strategy, Network Development

Mark Carbeau is a transformative healthcare leader with a proven track record commercializing innovative technologies.  He has driven significant growth by reimagining the business model through digital disruption, new channel development, aligning pricing, and substantially enhanced sales effectiveness. Mark brings sharp strategic insights to focus efforts with practical execution tactics to deliver results.  As a Senior Advisor at CWH Advisors, Mark works closely with executive teams, boards and engagement teams to develop insights and to build and execute plans to accelerate growth organically and through business development.


Senior Advisor, CWH Advisors

Chief Executive Officer, BacterioScan

Chief Executive Officer, Interleukin Genetics

Chief Executive Officer, PolyRemedy

Chief Executive Officer, HyperMed

President, KineticConcepts

Vice President CorporateDevelopment, OraPharma

Founder and Managing Director, CM Partners

Manager, BostonConsulting Group


Executive management

Business strategy, business and corporate development, M&A, post-merger integration

Product management, product strategy, redefining business model

Commercial execution – strategic account management, sales management, payer alignment