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Healthcare Consumerization is Here to Stay

Evidence of the accelerating trend toward the true consumerization of healthcare Patient-centered care.  Consumer experience.  Patient engagement.  Transparency.  These now-familiar buzzwords reflect the movement toward consumerization in healthcare over the last decade. Consumerization, which involves product and service designs and offerings oriented towards the consumer experience, has been occurring in industries from telecommunications and banking […]

Washington is stalled – do we get some breathing room? Remember employers are still driving innovation in healthcare.

For past decade the big moves in healthcare have been coming out of Washington. Clearly a lot of hope and effort has gone into digital health and big data, and employers have always been driving new solutions. However, so much energy has been absorbed reacting to the federal government – first Obamacare and then MACRA. I know this will continue.

Commonwealth Health Advisors Expands Client Resources with Formally Launched Market Validation Board

The team at Commonwealth Health Advisors has operational experience in every facet of the healthcare industry; our expertise and go-to-market approach makes us unique. But what makes us truly powerful is our ability to leverage the experience and insights of our recently launched Market Validation Board, a peerless group of industry experts from leading health plans, health systems, employers, and healthcare IT product and services businesses, who have joined forces with our consultants to provide market insight, strategic direction and candid, market validated feedback to our clients.

SaaS Metrics that will Change your Business

We are going to dive into these questions using a sales perspective to diagnose the company’s fitness and create stronger partnerships between marketing, product, client services and finance. The analytics examined below are designed to evaluate scalability and the customer lifecycle. Aiming to improve your go-to market strategy and drive long term growth.

3 Ways to Revitalize your Pipeline Calls

How many times have you listened to the same sales meeting where you run through the pipeline only to hear sales executives put a new coat of paint on deals they have been talking about for months? It’s probably safe to assume everyone else on the call is checking their phones waiting for their five seconds of fame. And more than likely your sales leader is having one-on-one conversations with each rep as they run through the pipeline. It’s time to change this status quo.

Dr. Glen (garry) Ross

It is a rite of passage that anyone that spends a considerable amount of time during their career in a direct sales role self-identifies with a favorite film that tackles the high-points and absurdities of being a front-line growth contributor. It’s a great career but sometimes you just need to laugh.

When Is It Time to Invest in a New Website?

At Commonwealth Health Advisors, we work with healthcare IT firms from small to big, young to more mature, in need or broad help to focused help. We find this work extremely engaging and form close relationships with clients to help them accelerate their businesses. We specialize in go-to-market strategies where we often work within the domains of growth operations, sales, marketing, product marketing, and more.

Work within healthcare RCM? Take our survey for a chance to win a great prize!

As a strategic advisory and consulting firm, we are focused on providing growth acceleration services to our client partners within the healthcare technology and services industries. A component within one of our current engagements is to facilitate industry research, through a survey, to better understand the state of payment automation in healthcare.