Mission & Values

Our mission is to accelerate growth of healthcare technology and services businesses by delivering insightful and actionable management consulting services to investors, boards and executives.

Commonwealth Health Advisors support business leaders in navigating critical decisions and executing for success in the complex healthcare market.

We are not a typical consulting shop. We anchor our firm on proven methodologies and principles:

  • Know the business – dive into assets & capabilities
  • Map the market – know the target and all adjacencies and influences
  • Challenge convention – discover new opportunities and reprioritize
  • Validate where it counts – active in-market work, early and often
  • Think like an operator – strategy-informed execution excellence
  • Be disciplined – support all efforts with pragmatic, disciplined processes

These basics guide our firm in all we do. We focus our team on the successful growth of our clients’ organizations. In this case, we will uniquely be able to draw upon our expertise and strong industry network to get answers by focusing on factors relevant to your business.