Written By: Peter Dunphy, Partner, Commonwealth Health Advisors

For past decade the big moves in healthcare have been coming out of Washington. Clearly a lot of hope and effort has gone into digital health and big data, and employers have always been driving new solutions. However, so much energy has been absorbed reacting to the federal government – first Obamacare and then MACRA. I know this will continue.

But as things stall in Washington – let’s remember that employers still drive a huge portion of healthcare purchasing in the US.  Does it feel like there is more oxygen in the room now?  

As a 30-year veteran operating within the healthcare IT and services business sector, here is one market motion I think we can bank on…

Employers are still driving innovation

I believe that once again, employers will take a pivotal role initiating new solutions aimed for better results in healthcare.

There are recent signs of movement…

  • While federal reforms have avoided dealing with “pharma” cost trends, it’s telling that the large employer-driven health purchasing initiative Health Transformation Alliance, has chosen re-structuring the role of PBMs as a first and high-priority issue to focus on.
  • Employers are collaborating more tightly with Providers – Brighton Health Plan Solutions “Create” is one example of new models that will help employers collaborate with select providers.
  • Mega employers like Boeing and Intel have made news with direct provider contracting with the likes of Providence Health System. But there are a growing number of options for near-site and primary care contracting like Paladina ; OneMedical ; Crossover ; Iora

Watch the large multi-specialty physician groups… I wonder what will they do in this space? Overall will we all have a some breathing room to pay more attention to these sort of solutions over the next year?

Love to hear your thoughts.

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