Written By: David Bjork, CEO & Managing Partner, Commonwealth Health Advisors

The team at Commonwealth Health Advisors has operational experience in every facet of the healthcare industry; our expertise and go-to-market approach makes us unique. But what makes us truly powerful is our ability to leverage the experience and insights of our recently launched Market Validation Board, a peerless group of industry experts from leading health plans, health systems, employers, and healthcare IT product and services businesses, who have joined forces with our consultants to provide market insight, strategic direction and candid, market validated feedback to our clients.

We’ve invited Market Validation Board members based on longstanding professional relationships, industry expertise and their willingness to share pragmatic insights in formal and informal ways. From provider organizations like Privia, to health systems like Adventist, to health plans like Blue Cross, and employers like Accenture, the board is comprised of leading groups across the country. The addition of the Market Validation Board strengthens our advisory business by building in a way for clients to preview strategy, value proposition, product plans or marketing messaging and gather diverse views prior to going to market.

This is a huge differentiator for Commonwealth and our clients. Not only does it provide our team with immense “bench strength,” with insights we need to run our business and execute at a high level, but it provides our clients with a platform where ideas, services, products and executions plans can be tested, validated and improved upon. It’s risk mitigation and acceleration.

The goal is a two-way street for our board, where they are sharing insights as well as learning about industry advancements long before they are brought to market. Board members will get to see and learn about important market trends and offerings they may not otherwise see day-to-day.

While we are formally launching the board now, we have been building it for nearly a year.  With nearly 20 active members now, we expect to expand to about 40 by year-end.   As we all know, this is an exciting time to be in the healthcare industry, and it’s super exciting to bring this value to our clients and work with some of the best minds in healthcare today.

My door is always open! To learn more about Commonwealth Health Advisors and the Market Validation Board, visit: http://www.cwhadvisors.com or email us at contactus@cwhadvisors.com