Help Commonwealth Health Advisors assess the adoption rate of automation & electronic payments in healthcare!

download-3As a strategic advisory and consulting firm, we are focused on providing growth acceleration services to our client partners within the healthcare technology and services industries.  A component within one of our current engagements is to facilitate industry research, through a survey, to better understand the state of payment automation in healthcare.

Healthcare providers, administrators, financial institutions, billing companies, revenue cycle management firms, lockbox providers, clearinghouses, etc. all play a part in the healthcare revenue cycle process and have valuable insights to provide!  All those that complete this brief survey will be entered to win a  great prize supplied by our client.  As an industry colleague, we are interested in your perspective on how hospitals have adopted EDI practices into their healthcare claims, payment and remittance processing workflows. The goal is to create a research report with aggregate totals to help promote a more cost effective environment for all parties of the revenue cycle.

Please follow the link and take a few minutes to complete and survey with the opportunity to request a copy of the findings at the end:

Thank you in advance for all your help and support!


The Commonwealth Health Advisors Team