Commonwealth Health Advisors provides their pro tips on how to do HIMSS right.

himssvegassignHIMSS 2016 is fast-approaching!  Did you know that over 40,000 attendees will fill the exhibit hall housing over 1,300 vendor booths consuming space that totals the area of over 40 football fields? This conference has gotten so large, that only three U.S. cities have the resources to host – Chicago, Orlando, and Las Vegas.  HIMSS and its attendees will generate nearly $35 million of direct expenditures for the host city.  This conference boasts big numbers – and big opportunities for attendees –  as long as its done right!

The entire team at Commonwealth Health Advisors is attending HIMSS this year and we can’t wait for it to come!  We have taken strides to ensure we have a productive conference that makes it worth our while to bring the whole group to Las Vegas, NV.  While this will be my first year attending, others on the team are veteran attendees.  Here are some things recommended to make the most of HIMSS 2016.

Henri Cattier, Partner specializes in payments and healthcare services business and developing transformational channel partnerships.  Here is what he recommends to do HIMSS right.

It is like dieting.

Nutritionists often guide their clients to eat smaller meals on their quest to lose weight.  The same can be said at HIMSS – pace yourself, meet small and often.  Every meal you have should be with a current or prospective client and it is much better to spend a little time with a few, than it is to spend most with one.  Early breakfasts, mid-morning snack, small lunch, mid afternoon coffee, etc. Don’t do them alone.

Get educated.

Take a minimum of one hour each day to attend a small educational event or lecture in a subject you want to be or already have as your sweet spot. The presentation may not always be the most exciting, but the potential of learning through Q&A in the room and peer networking should will be!

Go mobile.

Use your phone to record meetings and presentations, transcribe later! Every smart phone has a dictaphone tool – use it.  Avoid forgetting necessary details, losing notes in the chaos, or being holed away in your hotel room late night or early morning transcribing notes.  Record (with approval, of course) and then pop on your headphones and transcribe on the plane ride home!

With these tips, attendees will be well on their way to a very successful conference.  Comfortable shoes hit high on the list too, so don’t forget those!  Happy HIMSS-ing and if you see a Commonwealth Health Advisors team member, pull us aside to say “hi” and learn a bit about what we have been up to throughout the past year!