Written By: Kyle Natichioni

Striking the perfect balance between effective and lean sales growth is vital to the success of any company. It’s no secret that high performers can take your company to new heights. Finding that special talent is rare and helping increase the productivity of any sales and marketing all-star has never been easier with the help of growth operations technologies. As you build the perfect sales and marketing team the technologies highlighted below help automate many of the painstaking tasks and focus efforts on your future customers.

Yesware, $$, understanding how sales activities contribute to the overall pipeline is critical to meeting quarterly goals. With Yesware, your management team is able to create a centralized dashboard for activity tracking across email and calling. The dashboard also allows sales executives to share email templates with the greatest success and understand which sales executives are connecting and engaging with prospects on the phone. Sharing the Yesware insights within weekly sales meetings can have a tremendous impact on the top of the sales funnel. Technology Category: Sales Prospecting

InsightSquared, $$, take your sales forecasting capabilities to the next level with this Salesforce enhancement. The product provides a suite of analytic tools that are focused on maximizing the salesforce investment. Look across trends within your products, sales executives and sales cycle to gain a better understanding of how you align resources across implementation and product management. Technology Category: Sales Analysis and Forecasting

infer, $$$$, if you want to take your lead generation efforts to the next level infer is helping sales teams identify your best leads through predictive analytics. Leaders like Hubspot and Microsoft use infer for their own sales teams to understand prospects behavior. The tool also augments the traditional marketing automation information capture through gated content like white papers and videos to create a holistic view of the prospect’s behavior using available social data. Technology Category: Lead Scoring

Hubspot Sales Software, $, allows you to create a playlist of target prospects and rip through calling activities like never before. The click to call functionality and the ability to add emails to the CRM automatically is a huge time saver eliminating many of the sales executive’s daily chores. The Sales Software was built to address many of the headaches that a user experiences when using Salesforce’s vanilla software package. Technology Category: Sales Prospecting

ClearSlide, $$$, creates a sales enablement platform which is perfect for a team trying to standardize the sales message. The tool allows you to track sales presentations to see how the sales executives are delivering the message and understand prospect engagement. Leverage top sales executives to share best practices that they are using within their discussions to upskill the entire team. Technology Category: Sales Enablement

It is important to consider your existing technology infrastructure before implementing any of the technologies described above. The CRM investments and email provider will impact the viability of each solution listed above.